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Miles Internet Marketing has opened new possibilities in the Search Engine Optimization market with the release of the 'Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Packages' and the 'High Authority Press Release Platform. Find further information at You can reach them with any questions at 508-404-4389.

January 27, 2017. Miles Internet Marketing announced the release of the ‘Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Packages’ and the ‘High Authority Press Release Platform’ – it’s new products take SEO to a level never seen before, which has been in development since February 2016.The main benefit is the product will help create organic rankings much faster and with the ‘Ultime’ content diversification but it does so with a difference.

David Miles, Owner and Founder at Miles Internet Marketing, says: “We wanted to develop something all new with the ‘Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Packages’. Anyone familiar with the Search Engine Optimization market will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to be focused on the wrong elements while we are giving Google and the other search engines exactly what they want to see. In fact it is what they are demanding if you want to get ranking results. This is a problem for them because If they don’t know what the search engines want then that makes it difficult when trying to get the results businesses are looking for. With the ‘High Authority Press Release Platform we have added yet another new dimension to our Search Engine Optimization capabilities where we are achieving almost instant results in the search engines for our clients.”

So as a welcome change of pace, ‘Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Packages’ have been developed on a platform that creates many thousands of content submissions that are fresh and unique. Miles Internet Marketing chose to make this move because it realized that when companies give the search engines exactly what they want they tend to reward them with higher and faster rankings for organic search results. This is a great benefit for their clients.

David Miles also said “We want to give our customers the best service available and help them decide (based on our research) which level of content and keyword combination package would work best for them. With the ‘Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Packages’, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel when using our service they will be able to rest easy knowing that everything we are doing willl be Google safe and compliant. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking and we have tested the results over many months with spectacular results.”

Miles Internet Marketing has been in business since July of 2009. Since day one they have always aimed to create a level playing field so that small and mid sized businesses can compete with the big companies with larger budgets.

This isn’t the first time Miles Internet Marketing has defied convention when dealing with the competition either. In fact, Miles Internet Marketing is always trying to blaze new trails with services that are either very unique or extemely cost competitive. The ‘High Authority Press Release Platform’ takes the old school press release to a whole new level. With that they have caused a stir with the competition on at least one occasion by being able to offer services that go beyond cutting edge techniques.

Miles Internet Marketing is pleased that the ‘Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Packages’ have launched. This service has been available sine the middle of November 2016. To find out more, it’s possible to visit

For further information about Miles Internet Marketing, and it’s full array of services click on their website at

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