SEO MasterClass 2016 Luan Henrique Google Ranking Training Launched

Luan Henrique just announced the 2016 launch of SEO MasterClass, an online training that teaches members the best methods for search engine optimization enabling them to get first page rankings on Google.

SEO MasterClass, a step by step training launched by SEO expert Luan Henrique, teaches members how to generate results and get first page rankings for their keywords in any niche on Google.

More information on the new software is available at:

Google is currently the biggest search engine utilized by web browsers and considered number one when customers want to search for different keywords related to products. The higher a website is ranked on Google, the more likely browsers on the internet are going to be introduced that site’s information.

Search engine optimization (SEO) as defined by Wikipedia is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. SEO is the avenue to higher rankings for websites. For many site owners wanting greater visibility on the web, SEO is difficult and confusing.

SEO MasterClass takes members through a step by step training introducing them to methods that can generate them first page rankings providing them with a higher likelihood of being viewed by their targeted audiences.

The course contains videos and pdf files along with demonstrations on how members can rank their website for low to medium competitive keywords.

SEO MasterClass includes an introduction to SEO in order to enable members to save time and improve results with Google ranking. It includes how to do OnPage SEO optimization, which is responsible for generating page one rankings without back links or content.

The course also includes OffPage SEO, walking members through where to find valuable back links at a low cost, as well as a section on research and competition that will teach members how to do research that will rank sites faster with a higher return on their investment and how to out-rank the competition.

The training offers a members area to allow the class to engage one another, ask questions and brainstorm ideas. Along with the members area is a Facebook group that gives members of the class the opportunity to chat with the class developer.

More information on the SEO MasterClass launch can be found at:

Release ID: 131224