SEO Experts In Sydney Challenge Common Myths And 
Announce New Strategy Services

PK SEO challenges the common myth that SEO is dead and releases a report that explains how SEO, when done in the right way, can greatly increase a companies ROI.

Some companies are pushing the idea that SEO is dead or that backlinking doesn’t work. However, this simply isn’t the case. It just takes more time to see the results from the SEO efforts than it takes for a paid ad. However, when done right, the SEO efforts will certainly pay off. PK SEO SERVICES in Sydney has been helping their clients achieve better rankings through their SEO strategies.

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PK SEO explains that their goal is to provide visitors with information that prospective clients would want to find as opposed to information that is written for a robot, strictly for ranking purposes. The more value that is provided to the site visitor, the better the conversion rate, which is really the company’s end goal for every client.

Providing information that people actually want to read coupled with great visuals and infographics produces better results since engagement, such as clicks on site elements and dwell-time on a given page is also an important ranking factor.

The idea that SEO is dead is a common myth that has been circulated over and over throughout the years according to PK SEO. Often the reason people come to this conclusion is that they have not been able to rank for a particular keyword or get the results for which they had hoped. Nevertheless, a highly trained SEO expert will know how to develop and execute a strategy that can result in greatly increasing a company’s ROI.

As the search engines grow and improve in their quest to serve up the websites they think suit the searcher most, it is important to get backlinks from quality sites in a relevant niche. While the old tactics of blasting sites with irrelevant backlinks are long gone, some backlinks can be very beneficial.

PK SEO further reveals that a backlink from a quality niche-related site is a vote of confidence for the site to which it is linking. Search engines heavily weigh these votes based on how much it trusts the out-linking site. The more trusted the site the more valuable the link.

The purpose of any search engine is to deliver the best results to the searcher based on what they are seeking. Once a site is able to rank for a specific keyword, it is extremely important that the content on that website is targeted to the searcher’s intent in conducting that search. If a site does not deliver the right content and the searcher hits the back button to return to the previous page, the search engine calls this a ‘bounce’. According to PK SEO, this is a strong signal to the search engine that they are showing the wrong website in the results for that particular keyword.

PK SEO has created strategies for not only crafting quality content with the right messaging that results in site-visitor engagement, but also understands link-building and how to target keywords that result in attracting relevant traffic to their clients’ websites. For more information, interested parties can visit the PK SEO SERVICES website at the link above.

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