Sensitive Skin Makeup & Caffeine Eye Cream Benefits | Buyer’s Guides Launched

LeannesList recently launched a series of makeup and skincare guides for people who have sensitive skin.

The website’s new series of product guides gives customers a thorough review of popular makeup and skincare products that are non-comedogenic, and do not cause breakouts or inflammation in people with reactive skin.

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This launch of the new product guides is in response to the growing number of skincare and beauty influencers who do paid promotions without actually trying the product they are selling. According to an article released by Vogue Business, about 67% of influencers are promoting products because they are paid to do so, not because they genuinely love the brand.

LeannesList gives honest reviews of the products they promote, and they give in-depth background information about the makeup or skincare they are featuring. For example, in a post about collagen supplements, the website did not just do a product review, they discussed the benefits of collagen for overall health and wellness, as well.

One of the recently launched product guides talked about caffeine eye creams and how long it takes before customers can see changes in their skin. The guide also gave information about how caffeine affects the skin when applied topically and what other active ingredients boost the effectiveness of caffeine eye creams.

Skincare and makeup for sensitive skin is a very nuanced topic because there is no set standard for what “sensitive” means. According to LeannesList, the products that they recommend for sensitive skin are those that do not clog pores or contain excessive amounts of fragrance and essential oils, as these are known allergens that can trigger breakouts and inflammation.

LeannesList further explains that makeup, especially foundation, should not be too oily to allow the skin to breathe. Ideally, foundation should also have additional skincare ingredients like Vitamin E and niacinamide which treat sun damage and reduce the appearance of pores.

Unlike other beauty websites that focus on women’s skincare only, LeannesList also talks about men’s skincare. One of the most popular skincare guides for men on the website talks about lip balm, and why men should protect their lips, especially during winter.

“We diligently research and review products to continually feature the most innovative skincare and makeup. We provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right products for all your needs,” a spokesperson said.

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