Senior Wireless Nurse Call System Subscription Based Safety Units Launched

XTendCall, a senior wireless nurse call system provider has launched a new line of units suitable for all senior care facilities. Facilities are encouraged to call (866) 667-3426 for a demo.

XTendCall, a business to business, software as a service, wireless calling system company has launched a new line of products. From small retirement homes to some of the largest continuing care retirement communities XTendCall can help facilities to protect their residents.

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The launch of three levels of wireless nurse call products by this company gives senior care providers a variety of options to choose from according to their needs and budget. Wireless nurse call systems provided by XTendCall, are helping lifestyle communities fulfill their supportive role for their residents.

XTendCall is an effective wireless nurse call system that gives residents and their caretakers the protection and peace of mind, as well as the confidence that the most advanced care can be provided in the shortest period. Also, where there is a wireless nurse call system designed and implemented by XTendCall, families always have the confidence that their mom, dad, or other loved ones will be helped in case of an emergency.

XTendCall is the market leader in the distribution of quality senior wireless nurse call systems. The three tiers of services that have been launched can be customized to fit each resident’s specific needs.

The first level offering provides facilities and their residents with a cost-effective, rapid deployment of wireless call points in a self-contained RF and/or Hybrid (Ultrasonic) network. Location is limited to the room and associated bathroom and is not meant to be a mobile duress solution but a localized wireless ecall.

The second level of service leverages the power of Inovonics UL 2560 component certification that ensures 99.99% alarm message delivery and timely identification of missing devices. Driven by advanced XTendCall AI and algorithms, this wireless nurse call solution delivers reliable wireless pendant performance throughout a property and gives accurate location through a robust Location Based Services (LBS).

The highest level of service available in the newly launched line of senior wireless nurse call systems involves the convergence of best in class software. It provides resident safety and operational excellence by extending capabilities with a patented MobileX app. Additional integrations to EHRs and 3rd party systems creates the ultimate workflow engine for optimal resident and staff satisfaction.

The launch of these units is being accompanied by complimentary demonstrations and consultations. Facilities needing a premium senior wireless nurse call system are encouraged to call today and book a free demo.

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