Senior Life Settlement Calculator – Retirement Financial Service Launched

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Q Life Settlements LLC has announced a new update to its service, empowering over-70s to get maximum value from their unwanted life insurance policies.

By selling a life insurance policy in a life settlement, seniors can potentially earn more than the cash value of their existing policy. The latest service update from Q Life Settlements includes a calculator to make it easier for seniors to estimate their life insurance policy value.

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There are a number of reasons why a senior may wish to move away from their current policy and complete a sale for a lump payment. Circumstances change as people age, and as lifestyles adapt, older policies may no longer be suited to the insured’s current situation.

Many life insurance policies are surrendered for minimal cash value, but the team at Q Life Settlements argues that it’s possible to secure a much higher market value with the right approach.

A life insurance policy has a market value that is different than the cash surrender value. In some situations, this value can be as much as four times greater. Through working with Q Life Settlements, clients can discover the true value of their life insurance policy and get expert help in completing the sale.

Selling a policy in a life settlement is beneficial for a number of reasons. Clients can use the money to pay for long-term care, provide for their family, or hire in-home assistance to help them carry out their daily activities.

The life settlement company aims to demystify the process for clients, providing them with a realistic alternative to letting an unwanted insurance policy expire.

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Q Life Settlements provides detailed information and resources for anyone considering selling their life insurance policy. Visitors to the site can learn about the top-rated life settlement companies, the role of life settlement providers, and how selling a policy can benefit families immediately.

A spokesperson for the company states: “At Q Life Settlements, we strive to provide the most transparency and clarity in the life settlement process to empower our clients to pursue a direct life settlement. We find going direct typically results in a quicker settlement, and fewer fees – meaning you get more of your offer money in your pocket.”

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