Senior Life Insurance Settlement – Secure Retirement Plan Strategy Guide Launch

Life settlement company and policy buyer, Q Life Settlements, released an updated guide on the advantages of selling unaffordable life insurance policies for cash.

The new guide cited life settlements as a safe and viable financial planning tool for senior citizens. It is a suitable option for those who need immediate cash assistance to cover medical, retirement, or long-term care costs.

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The recently published report aims to provide seniors with valuable information on achieving financial freedom from paying expensive insurance premiums. With premiums increasing over time, more and more policyholders are unable to afford monthly payments.

Selling unwanted life insurance policies eliminates monetary burdens and provides clients money to use for more critical or immediate needs such as paying off debts, re-investing through better avenues, or simply donating the money to charitable institutions.

According to the guide, there are many reasons why senior citizens decide to sell their life insurance policies. Besides exorbitant premium payments, inflation and the rising cost of living weigh in significantly on their decision to sell. Additionally, there are times when the policy’s beneficiaries may no longer require extra funds—loans have been paid and educational plans covered.

The guide reiterates that while selling one’s life insurance policy is a big decision and should not be done indiscriminately, it is also a secure alternative to procuring much-needed funds.

Like all insurance products, life settlements are strictly state-regulated. Companies such as Q Life Settlements are vetted by state insurance regulators and are approved to conduct business. Furthermore, the company guarantees that they only work with properly licensed settlement companies. Visit for more information.

Additionally, the company adheres to privacy standards and disclosure requirements. To guarantee the safe closing of the life settlement, all policies are concluded through escrow. This ensures clients that their funds are safeguarded before the payment is closed.

Transaction terms in all filing and approval processes have also been approved by the state, affording clients the security and peace of mind they deserve. Moreover, sellers are given at least 15 days to undo the sale of their policy if they decide to do so.

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