Senior Life Insurance Settlement – Policy Value Estimate Calculator Launched

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Q Life Settlements LLC, a direct buyer of life insurance policies, has launched new resources to help senior policy owners evaluate a life settlement proposal. The company’s website also offers a life settlement calculator which offers owners a no-obligation estimate of their policy’s value.

The company’s new educational resources help policy owners learn how their policy will be valued during the life settlement process. They will also learn the important factors to consider when evaluating a life settlement proposal.

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The announcement of the new resources is intended to assist senior life insurance policy owners with the decision to sell their policies so they may maximize their value. Q Life Settlements hopes to improve seniors’ quality of life by providing them with expanded financial opportunities.

Senior policy holders may decide to sell their policies because they are having difficulty making premium payments, or because the policy no longer meets their needs. They may decide to lapse on payments or take the cash value of the policy, which may give the holder less value than they deserve. Choosing a life settlement can offer a more equitable alternative.

When selling a life insurance policy, it’s important to consider the actual monetary offer, other terms and conditions of the buyer’s proposal, and the proposal’s closing date. For example, if the seller is using a broker, then the terms and conditions may stipulate a commission, reducing the seller’s closing amount.

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When considering how their policy is valued, owners should include the impact of life expectancy on the insurance market. Policy market values increase as overall life expectancy decreases in the life settlement market. Prospective clients can get an estimate of their policy’s values, without obligation, on the company’s website.

Q Life Settlements, LLC was founded by Steven Shapiro. Steven has considerable experience in life settlements, strategic consulting, and private equity investing. He has also served as the Chair of the Life Insurance Settlement Association, the oldest and largest trade organization in the life settlement industry.

A spokesperson said: “We strive to provide the most transparency and clarity in the life settlement process to empower our clients to directly pursue life settlement. Going direct typically results in a quicker settlement and fewer fees, meaning you get more offer money.”

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