Senior Home Care Providers & Assisted Living Directory New Features Launched

Two new features have been added by ElderCare.Expert, a directory of senior home care services and assisted living residences. They make the site easier to use and add engaging new content streams.

ElderCare.Expert has announced that it has expanded its online directory with two powerful new features, as the site continues to grow in terms of both consumer and senior care provider interest and usage. Now, with one click, members can quickly login through Google or their favorite social network. Additionally, there is a new premium members only content module for home care agencies, assisted living residences and skilled nursing facilities.

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The premium members only content module allows Professional members and Expert members to access protected content. This can include tips, tricks, discounts, promotions and more.

ElderCare.Expert is known as a leading online directory for finding the right level of senior care across the country. Users can search the website to instantly connect with local businesses, and for the local businesses themselves, the directory website works as a powerful tool for attracting new clients.

Users can quickly and easily search the directory to find new members, review and compare the members they find, and connect with the members they want to know more about. The directory includes verified and approved home care agencies, assisted living residences and skilled nursing facilities.

The mission behind ElderCare.Expert is based on two principles. The first is to provide elder care consumers with the most accurate, relevant information when searching the network of care providers. The second is to provide elder care organizations with the opportunity to publish important information about their services.

ElderCare.Expert says: “We are a professional organization and expert community helping elder companies grow their business by providing increased online visibility and lead generation as well as access to exclusive, members-only content and features.”

This means that elder care organizations seeking to grow their business through high quality promotion, marketing and lead generation can get in touch for promotion and advertising.

It also means consumers looking for the best, most up to date information on reliable senior home care and assisted living providers in their area can also easily find what they’re looking for.

Those wishing to find out more about ElderCare.Expert and the service’s new features can visit the website at the link provided above.

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