Seminole TX Tree Care Company Tree Trimming & Weed Control Service Announced

Seminole, TX tree care company Sow & Grow introduced tree trimming and weed control services to homes and businesses in the city. The company's team of horticulturists remove damaged, dried, or diseased branches and ensure that lawns are free from weeds, harmful pests, or diseases.

Seminole, TX tree care company Sow & Grow announced the launch of its tree trimming and weed control service. The Gaines County horticulture company offers affordable tree and lawn care services to homeowners across the county.

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The company has announced seasonal trimming services that include safe branch removal followed by full clean up services. Sow & Grow recommends regular trimming to improve the health of the tree and ensures that dried or diseased branches are removed without causing any harm to life or property.

The Seminole lawn disease treatment company also offers weed control using a wide variety of effective removal techniques. The state’s wet spring conditions foster the growth of Bermuda grass and Crabgrass that can quickly overrun lawns. Other common weeds include Henbit, Purslane, Dandelion, Chickweed, and perennial thistles.

The company’s experienced lawn care specialists in Seminole offer fast-acting and long-term control of common and uncommon weeds. Once weeds have been removed, the company recommends the planting and maintenance of low-maintenance grass species that improve the aesthetics and value of a yard or property.

Sow & Grow also offers lawn and garden pest control, disease care for lawns, and tree planting services. The company ensures that all leaves, branches, and other garden waste are cleared from a yard after the completion of a project.

According to a spokesperson for the Seminole, TX horticulture company, “We are pleased to offer our tree trimming service to homeowners as part of our spring and summer seasonal services. Our trained tree care horticulturists ensure that trees and lawns are transformed and restored to pristine beauty.”

Sow & Grow is a full-service horticulture firm providing high-quality professional tree and lawn care services. The company offers scheduled and one-time service options. More information is available at the URL above.

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