Semi-Permanent Tent Structure Crowd Overflow Pandemic Outdoor Covers Launched

A new product line has been launched by Creative Tent International offering durable semi-permanent tent structures. These structures are ideal to help businesses such as gyms, schools, churches, retail establishments, and restaurants get back on track during and after the pandemic.

Creative Tent International has launched a new line of top quality, durable and safe semi-permanent tent structures for industries such as gyms, restaurants, schools, and churches needing more space during the pandemic. This line of structures is ideal for any business that needs extra space during the new normal of social distancing or simply are attempting to re-enter the market with a low cost, quick, and durable alternative to permanent construction.

For more information on determining if a semi-permanent structure is right for a particular project, see the article on how to avoid making costly mistakes when considering this option:

Creative Tent International is running a new promotion for their tent structures. In this promotion any structure purchased between now and November 30 will receive free basic installation, as long as the installation location is in the lower 48, contiguous United States. For International installations, customers will receive a discounted installation rate of up to 20% off of basic installation as long as they meet the other promotion requirements.

These structures are semi-permanent, clear-span structures in an impressive range of sizes, from 10’x20’ up to much larger sizes the likes of aviation hangars, stadiums, arenas, and other similarly proportioned areas. Customers will find that the structures are incredibly well engineered, durable, modular and safe. They are US Military approved and utilized by all the branches of the armed services, being fully deployable and customizable. In most cases these structures can be installed with no foundation work for a fast, seamless completion. Another astonishing characteristic of the Creative Tent International product line is the ability to erect the structures with a limited amount of tools. They are engineered to be deployed using a patented, modular assembly system that makes them easy to erect, customize, remove, store, and relocate.

These semi-permanent tent structures are ideal for any event or project that requires permanent or temporary space augmentation in order to adhere to social distancing requirements. For example, gyms in need of more floor space so their members can assemble safely can utilize the structures for overflow, allowing them to keep or even grow membership and monthly membership dues. Schools that would typically opt for single and double-wide mobile trailers will find the configuration flexibility to be a major upgrade, not to mention the cost savings and value of ownership verses long term leasing. Feedstock and livestock protection will always be a priority, and with the uncertainty of markets and the ebb and flow of supply and demand during crisis, these structures can serve as quick and easy solutions for farmers, ranchers, mineral miners and more. As the company’s tag line states, one can ‘get creative’ with the modularity and flexibility of these structures, finding unique and effective uses that could be the difference between surviving impending challenges or not.

The structures are also ideal for sport-court coverings, warehouses, equestrian facilities, and factories. In fact, Tesla currently utilizes this type of structure for one of their manufacturing facilities.

Similarly, restaurants will be able to utilize the extra space in order to seat more customers. Since the start of the pandemic, restaurants are now only seating half of the usual tables because the other half must act as buffer zones for social distancing. With the use of Creative Tent International’s semi-permanent structures, restaurants can recapture revenue with outdoor seating without sacrificing customer experience due to inclement weather.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website at or take take one of the company’s interactive quizzes to see if a project qualifies for free installation.

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