sEMG Scanner For Chiropractors and their Patients Hits

MyoVision announced the continued availability of their Static sEMG Scanner "ScanVision Plus" available at More information can be found at Customers looking for an exceptional Static sEMG Scanner are now able to purchase ScanVision Plus by MyoVision.

ScanVision Plus is designed to appeal specifically to Chiropractors and their Patients and includes:

Surface Electromyography – This was made part of the product, since It is an electronic form of palpation. The device effectively and scientifically measures the muscular response to spinal subluxation.. Customers who buy ScanVision Plus should enjoy this particular feature because Painless and non-invasive..

EP Stress Score – MyoVision made sure to make this part of the Static sEMG Scanner’s development as Prior to the EP Stress score, many would question the reproducibility of Static sEMG due to the fact that patients standing will sway from left to right in a pre to post test. The EP Stress score stays the same, as the total sum of muscle activity required to maintain the patient’s posture stays the same. This established test-retest reliability of 0.96 and eliminated the effect of sway.. Customers will likely appreciate this because he test results can be immediately emailed straight to the patient’s smartphone. They’ll be able to track their own progress, putting the patient in control of their healthcare..

Wireless Design – This feature was included because Wired Static sEMG equipment was notorious for having questionable reproducibility at best. The reason for these issues can be tied to the sensitivity of the older equipment to electrical interference from lights, fans, wireless routers and other electronic equipment. MyoVision’s Wireless design effectively isolates the Static sEMG from sources of electrical interference, as there are no cables to act as antenna for such electrical noise. . This is great news for the consumer as Provides more accurate test results..

Nathan Unruh, DC, when asked about ScanVision Plus said:

“MyoVision has restored my faith in the clinical value of Static sEMG.” Nathan Unruh, DC

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