Seller says “All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan” is Now Possible

When "All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan" went gold, it highlighted the desire of many people to be tan for the holidays. One seller has just made that easier.

A few years ago, country singer Kenny Chesney released an album that instantly went certified gold. The album, “All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan,” talks about wanting nothing more than to go to an island for Christmas and come home with a tan.

The song features such lyrics as “Well everybody’s praying for a Christmas of white, come to think about it, that’ll be all right as long as it’s sand and not snow on the ground, and every day our skin gets a little more brown.” As soon as people heard the catchy lyrics, they went wild and the song soon became an instant hit.

“It seems that people everywhere dream of getting a tan during Christmas instead of trudging through wet, dirty snow,” says a spokesman from MJH Innovations, a seller of unique products, including an at-home airbrush tanning kit.” And while we can’t provide a way for people to escape to an island for Christmas, we can provide a way for them to easily get a tan in the comfort of their own .homes.”

In recent years, airbrush tanning has taken over the industry as it offers an alternative to dangerous tanning beds. The process darkens the skin by using a specialized airbrush that sprays on a substance that tans the skin for about a week. But getting that much desired tan can be cost-prohibitive for many.

“Just because it’s cold and wet outside, that doesn’t mean people have to look pasty and pale. If they want a tan for Christmas but don’t have the money to pay to have it done professionally, it’s now possible to do it themselves at home with an airbrush tanning kit.”

About: MJH Innovations is seller of quality products that make people’s lives easier. It is their company philosophy that good products shouldn’t cost a fortune, and they work hard to provide quality products to consumers for reasonable prices. Shoppers can find many of their products listed on Amazon Prime.

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