Sellafield UK – New ESAB Air Fed Welding Helmets Now Available In West Cumbria

Weldtech (01228 713458), a Cumbria, UK dealer specialising in the sale and distribution of welding equipment, has updated its range of products to better serve the businesses on the Energy Coast.

Newly available, from a Cumbria based company, is the full range of welding supplies and welding PPE that is perfect for the innovative Energy Coast projects coming online and the long term engineering projects, as Sellafield is gradually decommissioned. In many scenarios, the ESAB Sentinel A50 Air Helmet will provide excellent protection to workers involved in the welding procedures that will be needed. It’s one of a number of highly effective choices available from Weldtech UK based in Dalston, near Carlisle. This model and its PAPR unit offer excellent respiratory protection. It’s ideal for much of the welding and engineering work to facilitate some of the complex processes involved in the decommissioning process at Sellafield. This helmet and many other options are available to purchase online or from Weldtech’s Store at Dalston.

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The latest announcement builds on Weldtech’s vision of supplying businesses, hobbyists and enthusiasts with the highest-quality welding equipment at very reasonable prices to help protect welders’ health in Cumbria and beyond.

Experienced in the welding equipment trade, Weldtech has been in operation for several years and supplies the highest-quality welding supplies, welding machines, tools, consumables and welding accessories to businesses and personal buyers across the UK.

The need for welding protection has become greater in recent years, since it was recognised that even mild steel welding fume is a potential cause of serious lung diseases. HSE guidance now points out that it is of paramount importance to keep exposure to all welding fume as well as the glare, to a minimum. This is becomes especially important in high-risk areas such as some locations in the nuclear site at Sellafield, where high-filtration equipment such as the ESAB Sentinel A50 is essential.

The new helmet offers excellent protection from fumes that accumulate from actions such as cutting, welding and grinding. It features an ultra-clear true colour lens for realistic viewing and is light and comfortable to wear.

To push out any fumes, the PAPR unit filters air and then pumps it into the space between the welder’s head and the helmet shell. The gentle flow of cleaned air protects the lungs and the outward pressure pushes out any dirty air that attempts to seep in. To ensure comfort, the helmet uses a soft breathable fabric with an adjustable head cradle. To cope with a huge variety of welding techniques and working environments, the Auto Darkening Filter has eight separate memory settings.

This package is provided with ESAB’s Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) unit. The unit is worn around the waist, collecting and filtering the air, which is pushed through a connecting tube to the helmet. As well as providing clean air, the flow of air also cools the user, making the helmet comfortable and suitable for use over long periods of time. The air is filtered to a very high degree and the units are rechargeable.

The unit provides 170 litres of clean/filtered air per minute, providing highly efficient protection for the welder, preventing them from inhaling any of the toxic weld fumes. It is hard-wearing and capable of withstanding tough environments, and features an audio alarm to signal a low battery or a blocked filter.

Alongside the new helmet, Weldtech will continue to supply other models and brands of welding helmets. The example described is just one in comprehensive selection of welding PPE that’s available online and in their well-stocked store based near Carlisle. In addition, Weldtech offers other equipment such as welding machines and welding PPE. For more details, visit

The helmets and other equipment are an ideal, local investment for businesses that operate along Britain’s Energy Coast or for those working in the Sellafield nuclear site.

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