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Writers Business School has launched a new website. The site offers courses and reports on key business skills to writers wishing to become best sellers by increasing book sales.

A new website, Writers Business School, has been launched. This site teaches writers how to become a best selling author by offering reports and online course on how to increase sales by learning key business skills.

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The Writers Business School explains that 95% of books available for sale will sell less than 100 copies, but with the right business skills they say that a writers book need not be part of that statistic. Writing takes time and many have spent years honing their skills, but what many writers don’t realize is that writing is also a business and needs time and attention too.

The site states that writing should and will still take up the bulk of writers time, they should devote some time to the business side of things. The Writers Business School focuses on five major areas that will allow writers to build and grow their businesses step by step. The owners of the site are authors too and understand that publishers are doing less for their authors and they will help writers to take on that extra responsibility.

The five basic skill sets are platform, reader stewardship, publisher relations, distribution and book launch. The site says that platform is the unifying idea that is part of all that authors do, write and want more of in the world. Platform helps writers to develop their brand , create marketing strategies and a social media plan. It also helps them to connect with their core audience and to reach new readers.

These five keys skill sets are covered in a series of online courses available on the site. There are several free courses including subjects such as time management and author branding. There are other paid courses in the form of online webinars offering introductions to platform development, blog tours, growing audiences amongst many more.

A series of free reports are published on the site regarding writing and business skills. A recent report is on the subject of procrastination and the effect it has on progress. It has simple advice on how to overcome procrastination, in turn making authors work more efficient.

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