Self-Sufficient Living Survival Actionable Lifestyle Tips Guide Book Launched

A new guide to The Lost Ways books and self-sufficient living has been launched. It covers tips and strategies for thriving despite the challenges of a difficult modern life.

A new guide to homesteading and survival tips has been launched by Ancient Survival Guide. It covers the The Lost Ways book and how the lessons it describes can help readers to live a more practical, traditional lifestyle.

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The new guide explains that homesteading is a lifestyle choice that has historical links to a time when convenience stores and shopping malls weren’t an option.

It highlights that the US forefathers had to be prepared to survive whatever hardships they faced. Furthermore, they had to handle life’s challenges with what they had to hand.

Times of hardship and strife taught them to be as creative as possible to solve the problems that they faced in life. However, modern man has lost connection to many of these skills because they’re not as fundamental to the modern way of life.

The ongoing effects of the pandemic have made many Americans realize that these traditional skills of survival, preparation and creativity are just as important today. The guide explains that in order to thrive in the increasingly challenging times ahead, rediscovering old skills is highly beneficial.

The new guide focuses on self-sufficient living and learning from the lessons of the 1800s lifestyle. This includes living in a self-sufficient manner, growing food in the yard, building a root cellar, raising chickens and more.

Other elements covered in the guide include living off grid and discovering alternative energy solutions. These are all discussed in detail in The Lost Ways book by Claude Davis.

Readers will learn practical lessons regarding food, traps, housing, water, poultices, and hunting tools in order to live safely and securely. It also discusses actionable survival strategies so that more people can be prepared for life-altering events in future.

The author states: “Learn the Lost Ways of our ancestors and learn how to garden, process and store food for long term storage, identify plants that are safe to eat as well as plants that can be used to make a natural poultice. Learn how to be a self sufficient homesteader and take care of your family.”

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