Self Service Bot Mitigation And Human Fraud Detection AI/ML Service Launched

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Pristine Traffic, a cybersecurity start-up, has launched a bot mitigation service that allows customers to protect their website from cybercriminals using AI and machine learning technology.

Website security startup Pristine Traffic has launched a subscription-based fake bot mitigation and human fraud detection service for website owners concerned about malicious cyberattacks.

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The subscription service helps high-traffic website owners manage their website traffic and prevent access by unauthorized bots.

Cybersecurity experts at Pristine Traffic report that almost half of all website traffic is unwanted, mainly consisting of fake bots and other undesirable visitors. Cybercriminals use bots to check the vulnerability of a website and then attack it with more customized bots. This poses a security risk as they can damage a website’s SEO ranking, steal sensitive information, make the website more difficult to use for real customers, and skew the website analytics.

Pristine Traffic has created a service that uses AI and machine learning (ML) to review website visitors and perform multi-factor authentication, comparing them to an existing database. When a fake bot is identified, it is blocked from verified access even before it enters the website. When the bot is blocked, it cannot report website vulnerabilities back to the cybercriminal, protecting the site from future attacks.

Cybercriminals usually attack sites that their bots can easily penetrate. Therefore, an extra layer of protection is an effective way to shield a website, its content, and its users.

Pristine Traffic has built a self-service platform that protects customers’ websites 24/7 and can be integrated easily with Content Distribution Networks. The platform also ensures that beneficial bots which improve user experience and monitor website performance are allowed on the website. All the benefits of this service are accessible through a dashboard that is easy to use.

Pristine Traffic provides AI and ML cybersecurity solutions to small and large enterprises in various industries including travel, banking, fintech, airlines, real estate, advertising, healthcare, and eCommerce.

A satisfied customer said: “Pristine Traffic has made a great app for designing interfaces like never before. The dashboard makes self-service painless and the product solves a problem that many website owners struggle with.”

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