Self Paced Education and Continuing Education Announced at CLOI

Continuing Education and Self Paced Education Is Now Offered By Commonwealth Learning Online Institute Which Helps Teachers Gain Continuing Education Credits

Based on demand from the continuing education public, CLOI has announced 8 and 15-hour Self-Paced online courses for teachers available anytime, anywhere. Teachers have no time during the day for class time and they need flexible scheduling. These courses are designed to provide content and strategies that give teachers the opportunity to achieve professional goals in ELA and standards-based instruction.

Teachers have stated they need the following to make ELA credit classes helpful. Start anytime, Work from anywhere, learn at your own pace, standards-based, and cost effective.

Online Professional Development for Teachers is a much needed service in the teaching community. The Commonwealth Learning Online Institute (CLOI) is a not-for-profit organization providing standards-based online professional development for teachers coupled with research-based assessments, best teaching practices, and opportunities to develop technology skills.

Self-paced courses range in content and depth based on the length and topic. Participants progress through the self-paced courses at their own rate. The courses are assessed internally without a facilitator. These courses range from 8 to 15 contact hours covering ELA and standards-based concepts. More info can be found here: Facilitated Courses

These courses provide a mastery level of knowledge in the given topic area. They are semi-facilitated and facilitated courses. Semi-facilitated courses earn ½ to 1 credit and range between 8 and 15 hours of contact time. The facilitator is available to answer questions via email and provides grading of assessments.

CLOI provides educators with an all-inclusive online learning opportunity that improves teacher effectiveness, streamlines implementation of State Standards, and increases the percentage of college and career ready students.

Mike Taylor of Online Learning Institute states “online learning is required by many professions so check with your area of interest and make sure you are compliant. A lot of institutions offer this so be sure to shop around”.

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