Self Hypnosis Tracks Guided Meditation Audio For Success & Resilience Launched

The new Dream Life Tracks - Rise Above guided meditation audios by clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones have been launched for those looking for professional self-hypnosis to find motivation, inspiration and hope.

Experienced clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones launched the Rise Above guided meditation and self hypnosis tracks as part of his popular Dream Life Tracks collection. The audio tracks feature subaudible soundwave technology to induce a lower brainwave state, induce a deep feeling of relaxation, and help clients develop a positive mindset for success and happiness.

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The latest launch aims to provide anyone interested in hypnosis and guided meditation with a highly effective audio track for achieving deep meditation and finding motivation for success.

At the core of the Rise Above tracks is the idea that an individual’s mindset is largely responsible stress, anxiety, negativity and other issues.

Through guided meditation, individuals can slowly rewire their brains for success and happiness, overcome negative habits, and rise above the life’s many challenges.

Dr. Jones compares developing a new mindset with installing a new operating system on a computer.

He says: “In a lot of ways, your mindset works like an operating system inside a computer. Your mindset quietly runs a lot of mental processes in the background even though you’re not consciously aware of it, and this heavily influences the direction of your life. With self-hypnosis, you can easily install new and healthier thought patterns in your internal operating system. This allows you to effortlessly take on the attitudes that bring you success, happiness and inner peace.”

According to Dr. Jones, listening to self-hypnosis and guided meditation tracks can help individuals feel a nearly instant increase in motivation and experience many other mental benefits. The Rise Above tracks can also increase productivity and help listeners find new hope, get through grief, handle stress, and develop higher mental resilience.

To ensure high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, all orders are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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