Self-Healing Online Course Energy & Productivity Improvement Program Launched

Ed Strachar launched the Self Healing Mastery online program, a five-session course designed to help participants improve their health and productivity, increase their energy levels, and develop their confidence.

Ed Strachar, renowned author and healing expert, launched an online version of his popular Healing Genius course. The Self Healing Mastery is an online program offering participants access to step-by-step strategies to enjoy higher energy, alleviate anxiety and depression, improve their interpersonal skills, and enjoy better overall health. The program is based on Ed’s extensive experience working with a wide range of clients and helping them reach their personal and professional goals.

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According to the official Healing Genius website, the online course provides a quick way for participants to see important improvements in their productivity, energy levels and confidence within two weeks or less, making it one of the most effective self-healing courses currently available.

While the common perception is that improving health and relationships is a strenuous process, Ed’s research and practical experience suggests that making important progress in these areas can be a pleasant, rewarding experience when using the correct approach.

The five online sessions will teach participants seven essential skills for ensuring long-term health, better relationships and higher confidence. Among these are the basic principles of self-healing and relieving the mind from the burden of trauma and negative past experiences.

The recent announcement is part of Ed’s commitment to helping as many people as possible experience personal healing through simple and effective strategies.

One of Ed’s students said: “I can honestly say that I have never, ever felt so shifted as I did – and do – with his processes. Ed’s absolute commitment to my ongoing wellbeing, and then teaching me how to continue this incredible energy and focus independently, is a tribute to his integrity. It’s not often I am challenged to find the words to describe a situation or person, but with Ed words just don’t suffice.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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