Self Employed Home Buying 2nd Property & Condominium Investment Program Launches

Avoid the self-employed property buying blender with the newly introduced Bank Statement Investment Program launched by Florida-based Capital Funding Financial, a property investment group. Aiming to reduce conventional frustration and stress, this program relies on bank statements to qualify investors.

Coral Springs, Florida-based Capital Funding Financial, a residential and commercial property investment group have launched a new Bank Statement program for those who are self-employed and looking to buy real estate. Seeking to help others to increase their assets and investment portfolio, this specialized Capital Funding program is ideal for residential or commercial property situated in Florida and for buyers with FICO scores of 550 plus.

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Offering great flexibility with up to 90% of the dwelling’s value covered for personal property purchases and up to 80% for business real estate acquisitions, the newly introduced Capital Funding Bank Statement Program suits self-employed owner occupiers, 2nd or holiday home buyers, and investors looking to increase their portfolios. Forget needing tax returns or transcripts to qualify for this program; self-employed persons just need 12 to 24 months’ worth of personal or business bank statements to prove their earnings.

Investors can also buy a range of property types – condos, SFR and between 2 to 4 units – under the program. Plus, Capital Funding Financial will consider non-warrantable condos. Other considerations include two years seasoning foreclosure, short sale, BK and DIL.

As a result, this newly launched program seeks to take the often time-consuming and frustrating process out of buying property for anyone who is self-employed. Consequently, reducing property buying waiting times and decreasing financial stress.

Providing financial solutions for investors and owner occupiers, Capital Funding Financial works with brokers and realtors to find products that suit the needs of their clients. Seeking to make home and investment property buying effortless, Capital Funding strives to deliver a hassle-free service that is relationship driven and has straightforward terms.

When asked about the Bank Statement Program, a Capital Funding Financial spokesperson said, “We want to turn property buying dreams into reality, and for people who are self-employed conventional funding makes this difficult to achieve. So, we looked at how we could make the process easier and more straightforward. The result is the Bank Statement Program, which needs information that is readily available to qualify.”

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