Self Composting Fertilizing Garden Tower For Home Gardeners Wins Awards

The Garden Tower Project has received a further two awards in 2016 in recognition of its space saving, self composting and self fertilizing home gardening product, making it a possibility for all Americans to grow their own healthy and organic produce.

The award-winning Garden Tower Project has added two more awards to its accolades, in recognition of its contribution to home gardening and making it a possibility for all Americans to grow their own produce, regardless of how little space they have. More information, gardening tips, hints and video how-to’s can be found on the website:

Gardening, and in particular growing edible produce, is now much easier for any home gardener thanks to the innovative Garden Tower Project, thanks to its vertical design. Founded in 2012 in Bloomington, Indiana, the first version of the product was well received and received an International Design Award in 2014.

The popularity of the Garden Tower saw a Kickstarter campaign launch soon after, so improvements could be made on the first model, and thanks to an overwhelming response these changes were implemented. The resulting product with its list of features has resulted in two more awards in 2016, the Green America Award (Winter 2016) and the 2016 Green Thumb Award, ‘Tools, Supplies and Accessories’ category.

The Garden Tower can be positioned outdoors or indoors and can easily be rotated to allow the sun to reach all sides. Many other beneficial features of the all-American product include: up to 50 plants can be grown in one tower, with the possibility to add further levels for an additional 20 plants; significantly faster growth; generates worm activated compost; turns kitchen scraps into fertilizer; self conditions and fortifies soil; constructed from 100 percent recyclable food grade plastic, free of PVCs, BPAs, polycarbonates, plasticizers and other impurities; reduced watering means less nutrient loss; and weed free.

The Garden Tower is easily accessible, ideal for use by seniors, kids and as school gardens. The Garden Tower Project website offers a host of information for first time and inexperienced gardeners, with detailed step by step video how-to’s on setting up the tower, where to source seeds, how to plan a growing schedule, planting guides, extended season growing, growing indoors, information about potting soil and worms.

The makers of the Garden Tower are passionate about food sustainability and growing healthy food, at a time where industrial farming practices strip nutrients from food that are essential for good health and prices are ever-increasing. Organic, healthy food is now easily possible in any American home with the Garden Tower project. The product does not come with soil or worms, but the company provides information regarding where to purchase these.

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