Self Adhesive Name Stickers And Christmas Gift Tag Labels Best Designs Launched

WG Wholesale Inc. announces the launch of its burlap Christmas stockings and self-adhesive Christmas gift tag stickers. The stockings can be easily washed and reused. The peel-off stickers are easy to use and store.

WG Wholesale Inc. announces the launch of its home decoration gifts and accessories specially crafted for the Christmas gifting season. Their self-adhesive name stickers make gift wrapping easier.

For more information visit released products of this firm have been designed to create an easier Christmas environment while keeping traditions alive. The company focuses on getting the best deals for their customers, with products from around the globe.

Christmas label tags for gifts are probably the last thing you think about when it comes to holiday gifts, but they have the ability to be the perfect finishing touch. Don’t ruin everything at the last minute and just write “To: Mom” in sharpie on top! If you just want something simple and easy, these 80 PCS set self adhesive Christmas gift tags sticker are exactly what you need!

Pulling off the gift tags sticker Christmas gives you an easy application without messing up. No worries about needing a tape since the Christmas present tags are very sticky. You don’t need to worry about fitting in these holiday gift tags because they go well with many wrapping papers.

The self-adhesive Christmas name tag stickers come in a dispenser roll box which makes it easy to pull out one label at a time. This also helps keep the stickers neatly organized. All types of writing implements, whether pen, sharpie, or pencil can be used to write on these labels and will not cause a smudge.

Available in 2 by 3 inches size, they will fit on any gift package. A box of 80 stickers from WG Wholesale Inc. comes with four elegant designs of 20 pieces each suitable for this season. The color and designs complement all types of packaging. Extra labels can be stored in the box to be used the following year during the holiday season.

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