SEI Healthcare Announces Educational Workshops On HowItreat.MD For Canadian HCPs

SEI Healthcare completes an educational workshop series on HowItreat.MD for Canadian HCPs focused on the management of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF).

Delaware, USA, – SEI Healthcare, a global professional Independent Medical Education organization, announced the successful execution and completion of a workshop series entitled “Real life challenges in heart failure management: Weighing co-morbidities and complexities in clinical decisions”.

The live HowItreat.MD workshop event was chaired by Dr. Simon Kouz (Head of the Department of Medicine CISSS de Lanaudière and Associate Professor of Laval University, Joliette, Quebec, Canada) and Dr. Grace Chua (Mackenzie Health, Richmond Hill & Maple, Ontario, Canada) with support from Novartis Canada.

The HowItreat.MD workshop series focused on addressing the latest guideline-directed approaches to the management of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF), which have been shown to reduce both morbidity and mortality and improve patients’ quality of life.

The workshop series invited Canadian HCPs to collectively progress through a number of patient case profiles with baseline characteristics and various decision points. Audience members provided their responses in real time by selecting the most appropriate answer to each question they were presented with. Dr. Simon Kouz and Dr. Grace Chua discussed the participants’ collective responses via a moderator dashboard in the context of currently available clinical trial evidence and guidelines relevant to the management of HFrEF.

The first part of the live workshop series, conducted in January, was attended by a total of 40 Canadian HCPs and focused on two patient case profiles:

A 64-year-old man post-myocardial infarction with fatigue, dyspnea on exertion, and elevated BNP

A 73-year-old man with palpitations, worsening dyspnea, and fatigue

The second part of the live workshop series was conducted in June. It was attended by 25 Canadian HCPs and focused on three patient cases profiles:

A 76-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes mellitus and HFrEF

A 68-year-old woman with multiple comorbidities and HFrEF

A 66-year-old man with hypertensive non-ischemic cardiomyopathy and decompensated HF

The key learning objectives of the entire workshop series were to:

Identify opportunities to optimize guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT) in the treatment of HFrEF

Apply recent clinical trial findings to the management of patients with HFrEF and comorbid conditions

Evaluate the use of echocardiogram in the diagnosis and monitoring of HF

Build post-discharge planning into the management of HF patients hospitalized for acute decompensation

Apply health technology, evidence-based medicine, and clinical practice guidelines to navigate ‘gray areas’ of HF

“Following the new clinical guidelines is essential for good clinical practice so we can improve the quality of care for heart failure patients in Canada. The ‘gray zones’ are rarely outlined in the clinical guidelines, so it was great to touch upon and highlight this important topic,” said Dr. Simon Kouz. “It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Grace Chua in bridging theory and practice. Although the program was hypothetical in nature with virtual patient cases, the HowItreat program and platform demonstrated clinical scenarios that apply to real-life clinical practice in heart failure,” states Dr. Kouz. “The optimal decision-making process is key to good transfer of knowledge. The art of medicine is not only in evidence-based application but in treating patients accordingly. Participating in this program with Dr. Chua was an excellent experience and really highlights the importance of educating HCPs with cutting-edge educational platforms and technology such as HowItreat.MD.”

“Developing this program with Dr. Kouz and the SEI Healthcare team has been an absolute delight,” said Dr. Grace Chua. “We took on the challenge of translating knowledge for the practical treatment of HFrEF prior to the release of the updated 2021 CCS/CHFS guidelines on defining a new pharmacologic standard of care for HFrEF. We added to the program after the updated guidelines release to provide the most up-to-date content. We aimed to provide an innovative and flexible platform for tackling real-life complex treatment challenges via a mix of patient cases and didactic sessions.” Dr. Chua continues, “There are ample options for clinicians to choose from based on their learning styles and how much time they can devote to each learning session. We hope that this will be as helpful to healthcare providers as it has been rewarding for us to be a part of.”

Dr. Rita Aresta, Medical Lead at SEI Healthcare, said, “It was a real pleasure to be able to work on this project, which covered so many facets of HFrEF management and went beyond simply case-based learning to include video content and live webinars, all the while working with key opinion leaders and other colleagues across different time zones.”

Further details about this educational program can be found at

The two part on-demand workshop series can be found on the HowItreat.MD workshops and webinars platform at, whereas the heart failure virtual patient cases can be found at in both English and French languages.

“SEI Healthcare very much looks forward to developing many more educational patient case workshops and webinars focused on HFrEF, especially considering the constantly evolving treatment landscape,” said Joseph Isaac, Global Digital Education & Webinar Lead.

HowItreat.MD allows HCPs to access learning materials produced in close collaboration with world-renowned experts across 27 therapeutic specialties in a fluid and interactive manner. While the core element of case-based learning is seen throughout the platform, multiple formats ensure healthcare professionals can engage in their preferred medium. In light of their busy schedules and personal preferences, HCPs often prefer to connect with and learn in different media formats. With this in mind, SEI Healthcare has added Omni-Channel formats that include engaging videos, podcasts, journals, webinars, and the much-anticipated live interactive workshops.

SEI Healthcare is committed to bringing medical education to the forefront of innovation on a global scale. Our users can access the platform for free and in their preferred language, as well as engage with and listen to key opinion leaders in their field of expertise. Bringing the latest information and breakthroughs to the forefront for hundreds of thousands of HCPs in a manner that is exciting and engaging – this is what truly drives the team at SEI Healthcare.

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