SEI Healthcare Announces Collaboration With The Clinical Immunology Society

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Medical Education Provider SEI Healthcare has recently collaborated with the Clinical Immunology Society to launch educational patient cases based on recent clinical guidelines

Delaware, USA ― SEI Healthcare, a global professional Independent Medical Education organization, announced collaborating with the Clinical Immunology Society to produce patient case modules on the recent clinical guidelines focused on immunodeficiency, available only on HowItreat.MD.

The Clinical Immunology Society (CIS), established in 1986, is devoted to fostering developments in the science and practice of clinical immunology. In the present collaboration, the primary objectives and purposes of the Society shall be:

To facilitate the interchange of ideas and information among physicians and other investigators who are concerned with immunological/inflammatory diseases;

To promote research on the causes and mechanisms of diseases relating to the immune system and, as a result, to unify concepts of disease pathogenesis;

To encourage investigators and clinicians to share their knowledge of immunologically active drugs and other interventions;

To promote application and dissemination of recent advances in biomedical science for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to immunity and inflammation; and

To foster excellence in research and medical practice.

“The Clinical Immunology Society (CIS) and SEI Healthcare collaboration really emphasizes how independent medical educators like SEI Healthcare can develop synergies with medical societies to further the betterment of medical education for healthcare professionals globally” said Samantha Harris, Head of Marketing at SEI Healthcare.

“SEI Healthcare looks forward to collaborating with many more medical societies in the near future to further develop synergies in this capacity with our innovative platform, HowItreat.MD,” said August Felix, Head of Medical Affairs.

HowItreat.MD allows HCP’s to access world-renowned experts across 27 therapeutic specialties in a fluid and interactive manner. While the core element of case-based learning is seen throughout the platform, multiple formats ensure healthcare professionals can engage in their preferred medium since, as with anything, HCP’s engage and learn in different media formats. With this in mind, SEI Healthcare has added Omni-Channel formats that include engaging videos, podcasts, journals, webinars and the much-anticipated live, interactive workshops.

SEI Healthcare is committed to bringing medical education to the forefront of innovation on a global scale. Users can access the platform for free and in their language as well as engage with and listen to key opinion leaders in their field of expertise, thereby bringing the latest information and breakthroughs to the forefront for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals in a manner that is exciting and engaging. This is what drives the team at SEI Healthcare.

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