Seeking Therapy Counseling Services San Diego Goes Digital With Online Therapy

Seeking Therapy Counseling Services, a San Diego based licensed marriage and family therapist practice, is shifting to online therapy offerings to better serve their clients.

Seeking Therapy Counseling Services, a San Diego based licensed marriage and family therapist practice, has launched a brand new and improved website with online therapy offerings. This up and coming way of online therapy is designed to enhance the way the practice connects with its clientele.

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Seeking Therapy Counseling Services is a leading online counseling private practice in San Diego that makes it a priority to serve their clients with the best family counseling services for individuals and couples to discover a healthy relationship and marriage fulfillment. They treat a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, anger management, and marital issues to name a few and guide couples through the complexities.

When asked about the recent shift to offering online services, Michelle Landeros, Owner of Seeking Therapy Counseling Services, said, “Telehealth online therapy saves people time. They don’t have to worry about whether there is traffic or not, if they will be late for their session, or if they will miss time working with their therapist. Instead, they can logon to the secure video platform on their phone, computer, or tablet, and have a counseling session where they are comfortable.”

The main purpose of their new website is to make the online browsing experience both simple and educational for prospective and current clients, making their services more widely available to those needing help. Interested parties can find out more information regarding their online therapy options by visiting

The site itself is full of tips and practical advice, including in depth information on what to expect when preparing for counseling, how long a session typically lasts, as well as the differences between the various services they offer. Seeking Therapy Counseling Services is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families resolve their struggles through a very genuine and effective counseling service.

To learn more about the company and its services, people can fill out the contact form on their website or connect with them on various social media platforms. Those interested can also give the therapy practice a call by dialing (619) 646-8283 or by visiting their website at one of the links above.

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