Secrets of Old Time Master Horse Trainers Now Revealed to Today’s Horse Owners announced the availability of their eBooks "Horse Training Secrets Revealed". More information can be found at today announced that horse owners looking to get horse training results fast using the “long lost” secrets of old time master horse trainers can purchase their eBook package Horse Training Secrets Revealed from

The Horse Training Secrets Revealed package is’s most complete product release in their product line. Everyone within the business is excited about the product due to “the amazing results customers have been getting with these methods.”

Craig Parish, Founder at, when asked about Horse Training Secrets Revealed said:

“Sure, many things may have changed since the 1800’s but: a horse is still a horse and these old-time horsemen knew them a lot more intimately than folks today. They had to because lives and livelihoods depended on it! “

Horse owners and trainers will be interested to know that the Horse Training Secrets Revealed package covers virtually every aspect of horse training.

For example, it features “A Course in Horsemanship” which is a treasure trove of horse training secrets from a true Master Horseman. Eight Volumes, Twelve Lessons, over 200 pages and 170+ illustrations, this course is jam-packed with valuable information and techniques. Each detailed lesson is arranged in logical order, covering, step by step, from the basic principles to the toughest feats of horsemanship which only a master trainer would dare undertake. Craig Parish said “These are the horse training secrets of a man who never tackled a horse he didn’t succeed in training. Customers will love this because nothing is left to guesswork… it covers exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it to achieve the best result. It provides detailed instructions with plenty of illustrations from all the things prior to first handling a horse all the way through to teaching complex tricks! And, revealed along the way, is how to avoid or cure any bad habit in a horse that ever likely to be encountered.

The Horse Training Secrets Revealed package also includes “How to Tame and Train Wild & Vicious Horses”. This was included because the authors of this book were truly expert Horsemen and were influenced by the hidden knowledge of the ancient Arabian culture in which the relationship between man and horse played a very central role in life and survival going back many hundreds of years. Consumers should be pleased with this since it presents from a less common angle and delivers the whole method from getting a colt from pasture through riding to even getting a horse to lie down or follow. It includes complete step-by-step instructions commencing with the first steps taken with the colt through the whole task of breaking. And, most importantly, it teaches how to do it gently using the “psychology” of the horse to advantage.

Another interesting and very useful inclusion in the package is “How to Choose a Healthy Horse” – it was decided this was critical to the final product because it covers a subject many horse owners could greatly benefit from more knowledge. How To Choose a Healthy Horse provides the guidelines for a thorough exam of a horse to ensure the best animal available is chosen and is illustrated with valuable photographs and diagrams which guide through the examination in a logical sequence. Customer will greatly benefit from this guide, as If they want to get the best, healthiest, most suitable horse then all they can easily refer to this book for a step by step, systematic approach that will ensure they choose the best horse available.

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