Seattle’s Struggling Small Businesses Fault Local Marketing Company for Failure

As the business world continues to be competitive, small business owners must find ways to generate more new business and increase retention rates among its current customer base. Many successful business owners have achieved success by outsourcing business development activities to expert marketing consultants.

Seattle, Washington–Today’s business world seems to have grown to be a highly competitive, and in some instances, cutthroat arena. Whereas some small businesses are achieving success, there are others that are feeling the pinch in their budgets. Instead of generating quality leads and increasing revenues, they’re nearing operational demise. Whom or what’s to blame for these unfortunate results?

Many small business owners in Seattle are furious with local marketing company K|E Marketing Group. As part of it’s “Grow small businesses, locally” campaign, the K|E Marketing Group has come under fire by many local entrepreneurs. According to several small business owners, the K|E Marketing Group is solely responsible for creating an advantage for their competitors in the local market place. And as a result, they’re losing customers and revenue.

“The K|E Marketing Group fails to help all small businesses,” says Peter, a local small business owner in the HVAC industry. “So called marketing companies like K|E Marketing Group should be ashamed of themselves! They’re hurting more than they are helping!”

When approached to discuss the complaint, Ellard Thomas, co-founder of the K|E Marketing Group, had this to say.

“We are committed to helping small businesses with achieving both short-term and long-term success, Our aim is to give each small business owner the chance to work with us, to improve their bottom line, regardless of industry. It’s unfortunate that we’ve become a target for helping companies who see value in what we provide. While we’re blamed for the downfall of some companies, their rivals are singing our praises. My heart truly goes out to those entrepreneurs who are struggling. And to ensure we’re fair and just in our service delivery, we’re happy to offer free consultations for those companies that blame us for their business growth challenges.”

The marketing methods and business consulting services provided by the K|E Marketing Group have played a vital role in the success of many local small businesses. Although the business climate burns with competition, struggling small business owners should revisit their marketing and advertising strategies–to determine where their operational bottleneck really is–before waiving their fists at legitimate marketing firms like K|E Marketing Group.

If you’re a small business owner who’s looking to get more customers, grow revenues, or seeking to create an operational continuity strategy, you should visit the K|E Marketing Group for assistance. The company prides itself on helping small businesses with cutting ad spend costs and increasing revenues in an ever-changing economy.

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