Seattle Sales Tips – Ad Content Writing For High Conversion Report Announced

ShiftUp, a leading brand agency in Seattle, WA, has announced a new report on how to improve sales through genuine marketing strategies. The report helps companies strengthen customer retention.

ShiftUp, a collaborative strategic change agency in Seattle, Washington, releases its new report on converting marketing pitches into actual sales. The report, entitled “How to Turn Words into Sales”, teaches readers simple yet effective strategies on interacting with potential clients to increase revenue and improve customer retention.

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The newly released report comes at a time when many salespeople and marketing companies struggle with their customer conversion rates. The report demystifies assumptions about sales and encourages companies to promote authenticity in their products.

The latest economic research suggests that as online businesses grow, so too does the need for genuine marketing. Consumers are not easily swayed by colorful marketing pitches and tend to look for product or service reviews online before purchasing anything.

The new report emphasizes the importance of authenticity in any marketing brand strategy. ShiftUp says that speaking like one’s target audience is an easy way to promote this. Potential customers are more likely to engage with a company that they believe speaks their language and understands their concerns.

Still, the marketing agency cautions that companies need to strike a balance between speaking like their target audience and abusing jargon. A good marketing strategy makes the distinction between hype and fact.

Another important aspect of converting marketing pitches into sales is listening to the customer. There is a difference, the branding agency writes, between listening to the reply of a customer and listening to reply to the customer. The former is recommended while the latter is not.

The new report continues the mission of ShiftUp to provide value-based change management that includes strategies on elevating leadership in companies, improving brand identity, strengthening company culture, and orchestrating effective marketing plans.

As they wrote in their report, “Salesmanship shouldn’t be such a dirty word. Good salesmanship is more subtle and more personal.”

Readers are encouraged to sign up for a consultation session with ShiftUp at the end of the report. Those who register will receive a free change map made by the company.

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