Seattle Plastic Surgery Facelift Liposuction Botox Report Launched

A new report on the benefits of facelifts has been launched by Dr Brian Windle, whose practice is based in Seattle. It details the different types of surgery available, and what is involved in each process.

Dr Brian Windle has launched a new report on the benefits of getting a facelift for patients who would like to take control of their appearance. The report covers precisely what is involved in the procedure, and showcases images from previous surgeries with before and after shots for chin augmentation and eyelid surgery. Video FAQs are provided and there are further links fort interested parties to discover all they need to know about a wide range of procedures.

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Dr Windle’s practice is based in Seattle, and offers a wide range of plastic surgery solutions for patients looking to get a facelift, liposuction, botox, or a choice of other options ranging from fillers to chin implants.

The report explains that a facelift is known as a rhytidectomy, and is a surgical procedure used to rejuvenate and improver the appearance of the patient’s face. For this process, he uses short scar incisions and rapid recovery protocols to help ensure each procedure runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

A facelift is primarily used to correct the jowls and the neck wattle, which ensures patients have a more defined jaw, as well as benefitting from a smoother neck and contoured cheeks. In addition to this, the procedure can be used to help correct deep creases that can sometimes form between the nose and mouth.

Dr Windle achieves this by removing excess fat and working beneath the skin to tighten underlying muscles, as well as tightening the skin of the patient’s face and neck. Patients seek a facelift because they are looking to get a more improved or youthful appearance of the face.

In the detailed report, Dr Windle dispels the myth that facelifts will only last ten years. He is keen to point out that, when done well, the procedure will last for a lifetime. Procedures vary in cost, and the report breaks down the expense of getting a variety of treatments done, so interested parties can choose which is right for them.

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