Seattle Face Body & Breast Mommy Makeover Clinic Launches Fly-In Fly-Out Program

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Dr Portuese and Dr Hayes, board-certified surgeons practicing at the Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center based in Washington have launched a Fly-in Fly-out clinic program. Enabling anyone from around the world to visit Seattle and have a procedure, this innovative program is straightforward and patient-centric.

Seattle, Washington-based Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center, a board-certified clinic specializing in face, body and breast surgery, as well as complete mommy makeovers, has launched a fly-in fly-out program. The program, which spans over 7 to 10-days, accommodates patients from all over the world for any of the clinic’s procedures.

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Recently launched, the fly-in fly-out program is available for rhinoplasty, face lifts, implants, ear surgery and neck lifts, as well as breast augmentation and lifts, and full mommy makeovers. Ideally situated, the Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center is just minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport making it patient-centric.

For those looking to have a procedure who are from another country or even state, the fly-in fly-out program is relatively straightforward. Patients just need to send Dr Portuese specifically angled photographs of their problem areas. The doctor will then review these photos and will provide detailed information about any anticipated results and whether or not someone is an ideal candidate for the surgery. When sending the images, prospective patients can also ask any questions they have. Dr Portuese will respond to these within 48-hours of receipt.

Under the fly-in program guidelines, if a patient suits surgery, the clinic then scheduled an over the phone pre-operative appointment with a clinic nurse. At this time, the nurse gathers the patient’s health history, and the doctor then determines if the patient can travel. If so, the scheduling of an in-office consultation occurs before the procedure. More details at

All patients on the fly-in-program need to stay in Seattle for up to 10-days. In addition, they will also need a caregiver for up to 48-hours. If the patient has no-one traveling with them, the clinic supplies a caregiver. After surgery, the clinic stays in-touch via email and phone, with a referral given for a local physician.

Specializing in facial plastic surgery and breast and body procedures, the Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center surgeon’s Dr Austin Hayes and Dr William Portuese are American board-certified and have extensive experience. Both doctors are American trained and have completed residencies or fellowships with internationally renowned surgeons.

When asked about their experience at the Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center, one patient said, “Dr Hayes was such an amazing surgeon to work with. He is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to about your concerns and questions. I couldn’t be happier with the results for my breast augmentation. Dr Hayes did such a wonderful job.”

To find out more about The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center and their fly-in fly-out program, call 206 624 6200 or visit the link above.

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