Seat Belt Cutter Knife Window Breaker Survival Tool Emergency Solution Launched

Premiere Capital Investment, a Murrieta, California company, announce Evac3, a multi-functional tool for emergency vehicle exit. Equipped with a blunt tip and a safe, sharp seatbelt cutter, the new survival tool is designed for optimum portability and accessibility. It is currently available for free.

Premiere Capital Investment, a company based in Murrieta, California, launched a new multi-functional tool for vehicle emergency situations. The Evac3 is a two-in-one window breaker and seatbelt cutter, allowing the user to exit a crashed vehicle as quickly as possible. The multi-functional survival tool is currently available for free.

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According to official reports, more than 3,000 people lose their lives in car crashes everyday, making automobile accidents one of the leading causes of worldwide mortality. For children and young adults aged 5 to 29, vehicle-related accidents are among the top two causes of mortality.

An important preventive measure in case of a car crash is an emergency exit tool. Especially with burning or submerged vehicles, immediate exit is crucial to maximize survival chances. Stuck seatbelts and jammed doors often make it difficult for the passengers to leave the vehicle without cutting the seatbelt and breaking the window.

The Evac3 has been designed to allow users immediate exit by providing an accessible way to cut the seatbelt and break the window.

For extra portability and accessibility, the multi-functional tool has been created to easily fit into most pockets or keychains, allowing immediate access when necessary. This is an important advantage, considering that larger tools might not be available or practical during extreme situations.

Evac3 features a heavy-duty hard tip that can easily break through most type of car windows. The tool can easily be handled by most vehicle occupants, thus reducing emergency exit time considerably.

The tool is equipped with a sharp blade designed to easily cut through a stuck seatbelt. To eliminate the risk of accidental cutting, the blade is protected by a solid plastic guard.

Evac3 is currently available for free.

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