Launches Free Federal Tax Lien Search Tool

The Free Federal Tax Lien Search Tool, just released by, is just in time for tax season. With this free tool anyone with an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone can access their federal tax lien records online.

Most of the time when people find out about a tax lien record it’s too late. A federal tax lien means that the IRS can garnish your bank account and seize your assets. This typically results from not paying your taxes. Sometimes this can be in error but once the IRS files for a tax lien then the problems begin.

Because of this has built a free tax lien search tool online that gives people the ability to view their records in just moments. The information obtained from can certainly help mitigate any potential financial situations with the IRS before it’s too late. Once the IRS files a tax lien record they have the authority to take funds directly from your bank account and seize financial assets and property.

Unfortunately the only solution at this point is to either pay the tax lien, which typically includes interest and fees, or hire a lawyer which can be expensive. Even if there is a mistake it is often better to pay the IRS first and then ask questions.

Before the advent of the internet obtaining a tax lien record was tedious and time consuming work. You would have to visit the federal courts, contact the IRS and possibly hire a lawyer to sort things out. Now with easy access to the internet and the Freedom of Information Act, a tax lien record can be accessed online. A very convenient way to access these records online is with the use of 3rd party private databases, such as, that organize this information in an easy to use format. “It’s best practice for people to check their Tax Records and Lien Records status at least once yearly. It’s not uncommon for the IRS to make mistakes and this can be very costly,” stated by a representative.

Users of can also access their background records, court records, civil records and more, all with the same Free Search Tool. also offers a 5 day free trial where anyone can test drive their premium services and perform unlimited public record searches.

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