Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Article Reveals Surprising Facts for www

Geeky Tech has recently released a series of tutorials and guides made for SEO to explain questions such as what SEO is and its importance on the world wide web.

GeekyTech, a leading b2b technology marketing agency based in Surrey, UK have recently published their series of guides on the matter of SEO, what it is and how people can benefit from it. GeekyTech’s journey started out small however over the many years in business, have developed and ranked hundreds of sites that have millions of pounds in revenue.

Through many years of tried and tested methods, GeekyTech have learned what the right direction is for their business and have a pretty clear handle on their SEO, boasting an ever-changing processes which is built to adapt and grow with the industry and business at hand. To see guides and more published by GeekyTech, head on over to their page here:

One of the more interesting posts featured on this page is the tutorial titled “On-page optimisation – 8 key SEO factors” which contains plenty of information needed to plan an execute the perfect on-pae optimisation strategy for a business. This article definitely contains information all internet marketers and people interested in SEO in general should know. There are also multiple guides offering image optimisation tips and tips for website SEO migrations with a free migration checklist resouce made available which could be of use.

Made available on the page is an exclusive video from GeekyTech CEO Ben Hawkshaw-Burn about understanding what SEO is and how it actually works, this is different from the usual videos out there that follow a simple script.

GeeyTech are a team of ‘geeks’ that have multiple locale. While the team all work seperately and remotely from multiple parts of the globe, they still work in perfect harmony with one another and clients, delivering the best SEO services available to B2B technology marketing agencies. The team are highly ambitious and motivated, with a true passion for what they do on a daily basis for clients businesses.

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