Sealed Car Trash Bags – Disposable Waste Collection Headrest Attachment Launched

Tossits, an automobile accessory company based in Clarkston, MI, has launched a range of garbage bags designed to save car clean-up time. Moms and commuters love Tossits.

The newly released trash bags fit over the headrest of any car’s front or back seat, providing a convenient solution to keeping cars clean and tidy throughout a journey, whether a road trip or a short commute..

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Designed to hang over a car’s headrest, the new Tossits trash bags are useful for teaching children to dispose of their own garbage. In fact, kids enjoy playing “Tossits” basketball with their back-set trash by throwing it into the neat, hanging bag.

Tossits are made from a thick, eco-friendly material that is both leak-proof and smell-proof. With a tear-off perforation and strong adhesive seal, the bags are easy to change and dispose of, making them ideal for busy parents on the go.

The bags are practical for everything from daily commutes to long road trips. The leakproof material and seal make them ideal for collecting food wrappers, diapers, and drink cups. The product can even function as a sick bag for those prone to travel sickness. Whatever the journey, customers’ cars can remain clean and tidy, saving time on a big clean-up upon arrival.

With a new and improved design of 12″ x 15″, Tossits car garbage bags are large enough to hold the whole family’s trash. They are available to purchase as a pack of 7 bags or as part of a multipack deal.

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The company also offers a bag customization service for businesses looking to grow their brand and increase exposure. The Tossits logo can be replaced with any design, with space to include a business name and phone number as well.

A satisfied customer said: “I always have trouble keeping my car clean by putting trash in the door or on the floor so I like using Tossits for convenience. They hang over your headrest either in front or back. The bag holds a lot, the perforation is easy and the seal is great. Tossits are a cheap and easy way of keeping your car clean on a regular basis instead of letting stuff pile up.”

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