Sea Level Rise Effects On Cities Climate Change Facts Documentary Launched

Ocean Cities, a new documentary on the complex relationship between rising sea levels and coastal cities has been launched. The film was produced by Dr. Chuck Davis and Thoroughline Productions.

Throughline Productions and director Dr. Chuck Davis announced the launch of a new documentary on the effects of rising sea levels on coastal cities. Featuring University of Virginia professor Tim Beatley, the documentary is an exploration of the relationship between large coastal cities and the sea, including the development of cutting-edge technological innovations to combat rising sea levels.

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According to modern research the global sea level has been rising at a relatively rapid rate for the past century, the main cause of this phenomenon being global warming. With eight of the world’s largest cities located near the coast, implementing effective measures to mitigate the potential risks associated with rising sea levels has become a public priority.

Ocean Cities, the new documentary from Throughline Productions, is a multifaceted examination of the complex relationship between coastal cities and the sea. To analyze the relevant issues from a variety of perspectives, locations include major cities in both the United States (Baltimore, San Francisco and Miami) and Europe (Amsterdam and Rotterdam).

The main goal of the documentary is to shine a new light on potential ways for major coastal cities to stay connected to the seas and oceans near them while also implementing innovative technologies to protect urban communities from flooding, storms and other severe weather phenomena associated with rising sea levels.

The documentary is also available in a longer version, which includes the re-imagining of the New York coastline.

About Thoroughline Productions:

Thoroughline Productions is an independent production studio founded by Dr. Chuck Davis. A critically acclaimed director and producer, Dr. Davis received an MFA in film from the University of Southern California in 1990. His experience includes working in the direction and production of films such as Kosher Valley (1998), Raising The Sparks (2001), Halloween Journey (2003), and Seasons of the Soul (2004).

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