Screen Doors Essential Item for Okanagan Summer Survival

Local screen door sellers are beginning to see increased sales volume in the Okanagan as spring approaches. For more information, please visit

Though the weather is set to be frigid this week in the Okanagan, many consumers are beginning to look forward to the spring and summer months, initiating home improvement projects now so they can enjoy the warmer weather to its fullest extent when it finally arrives. Local home utility and hardware stores are seeing an uptick in material sales for such projects, while builders and developers are receiving numerous requests for warm-weather oriented features like screen doors and indoor-outdoor living spaces.

In the Okanagan, it seems like these are mandatory features of every new build, and for good reason: the average daily temperature in the Okanagan last summer hovered around 20 degrees Celsius, making screen doors and central air necessary for summer survival. Consumers all but demand these amenities in new builds, and the appeal boosts resale and rental value as well; local developers and builders have found that if a renter or prospective buyer is deciding between two properties, one of which has warmer weather features like central air and indoor-outdoor living space, they are much more apt in this desert climate to choose the property with the extra features.

Local screen door shop, Phantom Screens Okanagan, can attest to this trend. In the Okanagan, far beyond any of their other distributors, Phantom Screens outfits new builds, corporate spaces, and renovated spaces with clear, retractable screens. A spokesperson for the company noted “in a place as beautiful as the Okanagan but with such hot temperatures, consumers want to stay cool while preserving the view. That’s why screen doors with minimal view obstructions are the most popular item carried by Phantom Screens Okanagan.” With spring fast approaching, it would appear that consumers are realizing now is the time to invest in such improvements, before the thermometer begins to climb.

For more information on screen doors, visit or stop by the Phantom Screens Okanagan showroom at 1889 Springfield Rd #137, Kelowna BC, V1Y 5V5.

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