Scrap Yard now offers free pick up from Industrial Manufacturers

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Scrap Yard makes recycling for Industrial Manufacturers easy

Midwest Industrial Metals is primarily known as a buyer and seller of non-ferrous metals. People may assume that they have to bring their scrap to their scrap yard, but that is only one option. Midwest also provides logistics to help industrial manufacturers, scrapyards and those in the demolition industry collect and gather their scrap in preparation for free pick up.

Logistics is a large part of their business. Their fleet of trucks includes van trailers, flatbeds and open-topped gondolas. They offer a wide variety of boxes in all sizes, including roll-off boxes, luggers, pallet boxes, gaylord boxes and tote boxes as well as dump-hoppers for any facility. There is no job too big or too small.

Once boxes are filled with scrap, Midwest Industrial Metals can pick it up or industrial manufacturers can bring the scrap to the scrap yard. They schedule drop-offs and pick-ups and confirm appointments and dock locations to reduce wait times.

Recycling scrap metal and other manufacturing materials can make a large impact on the environment. Scrap metal can be used to make new products. This helps save money as new materials are not needed. Recycling these materials also reduces the amount of harmful substances in our landfills and waste facilities as well as reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy needed to create new metal. It is a win-win situation all across the board.

Midwest recommends that you learn what materials can be recycled and create a system for sorting and organizing those recyclables. Recycling scrap and unwanted materials can make a significant impact on the environment as well as make the world and your business a better place.

Midwest Industrial Metals customized and cost-efficient logistics services and pricing are another way they stand out from other vendors that do not perform scrap pick-up. For more information or to request a quote, call (773) 202-8202 or email

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