Scottsdale Injectable Botox Bar Launches Updated Website

Injexts of Scottsdale, Arizona have re-launched their website. The goal with their website redesign is to stay at the forefront of technology and offer a quick simple customer experience. They specialize in Botox treatments lead by Dr. Ashleigh Ortega who offers treatments on demand.

Injexts is Scottsdale’s first injectable bar. They are proud to announce the relaunching of their website for 2017. The driving force for the website redesign was to enable the addition of content rich media to their digital platform. A key concept at Injexts is to offer injectables on demand. Their specialty is Botox and other popular enhancement procedures, such as Juvederm, Kybella and B12 shots. Injexts has revolutionized the concept of a one stop injectable bar that offers convenience unmatched in the medical spa industry. Appointments can be made online and walk ins are also welcome.

Injexts took special care in making sure the mobile experience is streamlined for the consumer. Booking an appointment can easily be done online or with a mobile device by downloading their Injexts mobile app. The concept of an on demand procedure is to ensure a simple, quick and effective experience. Their motto is, “youthful looks in minutes done for the client’s convenience”. With hundreds of satisfied customers, Injexts has some of the best reviews in the area.

A key element that Injexts founder Dr. Ashleigh Ortega DNP believes is key to proper med spa treatments, is having all procedures performed by experienced certified practitioners. At Injexts all technicians are nurse practitioners or registered nurses. Dr. Ortega states, “It is important to not only have a qualified background, but also the experience and certification on how to use the products properly.”.

Every new patient receives an individualized consultation. The goal is to determine which regimen will generate the best results. New clients are guaranteed to get what they are looking for. With all injectables the outcome varies among patients and procedures last for different lengths of time.

At Injexts, the desire is to provide the right solution for each patient. Getting the desired results doesn’t require additional upcharges or add ons. Injexts believes that everyone can get a youthful appearance and combat signs of aging without the need for invasive plastic surgery. Botox and other injectables can offer impressive results in as little as five minutes and are nearly pain free. At Injexts, it is all about getting patients back to their daily routine as quickly and safely as possible. For additional information please visit their Google Plus Page.

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