Scottsdale AZ WordPress Support/Maintenance – Website Security Service Updated

Scottsdale, Arizona-based WebCare, a provider of WordPress website support, is updating its specialized ‘concierge’ services to offer recommendations and strategies to enhance the client’s website.

The announcement is in line with the company’s commitment to helping mid-sized and small businesses receive the kind of WordPress support that major corporations have.

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Clients can now have a WordPress support concierge who knows their website inside and out and will be proactive about any updates or tasks needed on their site.

WordPress was first released in May 2003 and proceeded to become the most-used website builder with almost 75 million users. According to Envisage Digital, WordPress powered 37% of all websites and 62% of all content management systems (CMS) websites in 2021.

With over 54,000 plugins available that perform every kind of task imaginable and 11,000 themes that customize the look of the site, users can become confused about how to use all the features available on this popular platform.

WebCare offers a solution with a monthly plan that helps clients with website management, site security, software maintenance, and more – working with the same concierge whenever they need support.

On its site, WebCare explains that every plan includes one hour of updates each month. When a client needs additional work, they put in a request and their concierge lets them know how many additional hours they will need.

In this way, each client pays a base monthly cost plus only what they need each month. No one is locked into a higher monthly premium.

When a client submits a request, their concierge gives feedback and recommendations that consider the website design and the client’s business goals. In addition, WebCare can implement strategic SEO updates to increase the site’s search results.

Each concierge at WebCare has a minimum of 3+ years working only with WordPress websites. New WebCare concierges receive training for six months in SEO, user experience design, and advanced technical skills.

With staff in Arizona and California, the company also provides ongoing training to keep up with fast-changing internet standards.

A satisfied client said, “’Looking good. We’re happy.’ That was my exact response to the last website update. WebCare is quick to respond and find solutions for all of my requests. The communication is excellent, and we feel very taken care of.”

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