Scottsdale AZ Eyebrow Salon Microblading And Eyelash Extensions Launched

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Olga Brow Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona has launched microblading and eyelash extension services. The salon specializes in many eyebrow enhancing services.

Scottsdale, Arizona eyebrow salon Olga Brow Studio has announced that they are now offering microblading and eyelash extension services. The salon provides a wide range of eyebrow services such as waxing, tinting and shaping.

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The eyes are a key element of one’s facial appearance, and eyebrows and eyelashes are the ones that frame and highlight them. Beautiful long lashes and well-shaped brows do wonders to elevate one’s look without the use of makeup. Passionate about creating the best shaped brows for her clients, owner and founder of Olga Brow Studio, Olga Zelek announced that she is now offering microblading and eyelash extension services at her salon.

Microblading involves scratching fine lines onto the surface of the skin on the eyebrow area using a thin blade. After which, a semi-permanent pigment is applied. The result are lines that replicate fine eyebrow hairs, making the eyebrows look darker, fuller and more asymmetrical.

Since a blade is used for microblading, a numbing agent is applied before and during the procedure to make sure that the client is comfortable during the whole process.

Eyelash extensions involves adding individual eyelashes to ones existing eyelashes, making them look thicker and longer. This makes for a more rejuvenated look by creating the illusion of bigger, brighter, fresher eyes.

For a more natural look, a client may choose the Flirt Set/Partial Set where 30-35 lashes are applied to each eye. The Full Set is for those who want a fuller and more luscious look, where 70-80 lashes are applied per eye.

According to a spokesperson from Olga Brow Studio. “Our mission is to transform your arches, to make you look and feel youthful and fabulous no matter if you have the most wayward unibrow or barely-there wisp. By mixing our passion for beauty and our love for precision, with a little pluck, trim, and a bit of wax, we create the best shaped brows just for you.”

More information about Olga Brow Studio and their eyebrow services are available through phone at +1-480-725-5056 or by visiting the aforementioned website.

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