Scottsdale AZ Auto Repair – Used Vehicle Computer Diagnostic Inspection Updated

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Combs Auto Repair (480-513-2828), based in Scottsdale, has updated its vehicle inspection and diagnostic service offerings.

The family-owned and operated company, servicing the Greater Scottsdale area for over 50 years, has updated services to include detailed pre-purchase inspections in response to demand from customers looking to purchase used cars.

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After the visual inspection, Combs Auto now employs computer scanning tools to verify whether or there are any computer data issues or trouble codes registered on the car in question. This process follows the visual inspection, which includes a thorough check of all rubber parts, tires, engine mounts, hoses, bushings, and belts.

Getting a car inspected or serviced is typically a nuisance and according to one survey, almost 70% of American drivers lack trust in auto repair shops generally. Customers often cite dubiously high costs and significant time investment – cars often need many hours of servicing over the period of one person’s ownership. Consequently, many experts advise creating a relationship with a mechanic over time rather than shopping around for the best deal on each repair or servicing appointment.

Combs Auto Repair’s goal is to keep customers for life. Accordingly, vehicle inspections are performed with the same attention to detail that they bring to engine tune-ups and overhauls. The shop is aware that pre-purchase inspections have become much more important these days, due to the cost of both purchase and repairs.

This service complements the company’s other offerings, which include routine maintenance, suspension and steering evaluations/fixes, and engine repair. Electrical system diagnosis and repair are particularly important and customers at Combs Auto Repair can have their starters, batteries, and chargers repaired and replaced by experts in the field.

Combs Auto has been a family-run business serving Scottsdale and the North Phoenix communities since 1969. The company performs anything from minor tune-ups to major vehicle overhauls – on cars, vans, trucks buses, and tractors – and installs only parts backed by a nationwide warranty. The firm prides itself on friendly, honest, quality service performed on budget and on time.

One customer commented: “The folks at Combs are the finest group I have ever had the pleasure of working with in car repair or really any service-related business. They are as honest as the day is long. I lost count of how many times I thought I needed something major and they corrected me to a simple yet comprehensive solution.”

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