Science Of Imagery Releases Shocking Health Benefits Of Laughter Therapy

People are finding today that in order to take charge of stress and have better lives and health they need strong medicine. Surprisingly, as of late, laughter has been shown to do the trick.

Stress is a hot topic, not only in the medical field but also in the psychological and alternative medical fields. A recent survey among adults in the USA has shown extreme levels of stress with negative impacts on mental and physical health and many feeling they’re not doing enough to manage this issue. If someone is concerned about stress, and wants a surprising way to alleviate it without spending a dime, a perfect place to start is with Laughter Therapy.

People are finding today that in order to take charge of stress they need strong medicine. Surprisingly, as of late, laughter has been shown to do the trick. Sean May of Science Of Imagery dot com states: “Laughter is extremely underrated. Most people think that you only laugh when you find something funny. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. We can laugh deliberately and there are many benefits even from this forced or “created” laughter. It can actually boost your attitude, energy levels, and is good for your lungs and stress reduction.” Of course laughter is a naturally occurring human response, however the recent discovery of its health benefits took a bit more intentional investigating.

The shocking advantages of laughter for health:

People already know about the mood elevating benefits of laughter. However, researchers at Loma Linda University found that after 20 minutes of viewing “funny videos” and laughing that saliva samples collected had significantly lower levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone”.

Another study at Vanderbilt University showed that just 10-15 minutes of laughter daily can burn up to 40 calories. Going further, a University of Maryland study reports that laughter and a sense of humor may protect against cardiovascular disease.

However, even with scientific proof, people still tend to remain disgruntled and dawn a sour expression. Maybe it’s due to the fact that they aren’t able to find an easily understandable source that explains the benefits and how to use laughter correctly. Sean says, “Laughter has many more benefits than meet the eye. You can see for yourself by fake laughing for 10 seconds. Try laughing for 10 seconds and see if you feel a little bit happier, more energetic and a little less stressed.”

In today’s health conscious world, of everyone doing more to be healthier, it’s important to not forget about the simple act of laughing and to find a tool to explain and help people use laughter easily. It may sound ridiculous to say because it is, after all, laughter. But as a matter of fact, if used correctly, people will be surprised at the results gained from laughter therapy.

In an experiment for the laughter-immunity connection, blood samples were taken from participants after an hour of laughter testing their interferon-gamma (IFN) demonstrating a significant increase in activity, which lasted even a full day after. IFN activates the CT-Cells, B-Cells immunoglobulins and Natural Killer (NK) Cells, which all contribute to immunity and fighting and preventing cancer.

This is amazing research for cancer, as laughter has also been shown to fight against tumor cells. This is a shocking finding that leads researchers to believe that laughter can be used as a preventive measure against cancer.

One issue seems to be where to find great information without having to comb through medical studies that are hard to read and understand. The newest addition for information and tools comes from Science Of Imagery. The founder, Sean May, has done great things with Laughter Therapy and gotten rave reviews from people who have used his information.

Jo says this about Sean, “Thank you so much. I always try to find your information every time I open my email… Such wonderful and encouraging words…Love your help sooooooo much..Thank you.”

The shocking findings about using laughter to bring better health and less stress leads to the question. “How does someone find the best information in an easy to understand format?” Unless someone is in the medical field and wants to spend hours reading medical studies, they’ll be better served finding resources that won’t take a lot of time. This will mean interested people can begin using laughter (even when in a somber mood) sooner and receive the incredible benefits.

Truly learning to live a healthier life and use a tool that is free and readily available is a topic that is certainly newsworthy. However, most people don’t want to hunt down the research and tools because they are already burdened with heavy schedules. Today, it is important for people to have the tools and information readily available in an easy to use and understand format to better their lives and health. Using a convenient, trusted source appears to bring the best results and get people started sooner. More information can be found online at Science Of Imagery.

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