School Portable Interlocking Office Table Sneeze Guard Dividers Launched

Sacramento-based plastic hygiene and safety products supplier Interstate Plastics has launched a new fully transparent portable interlocking office table sneeze guard divider. The product requires no additional fixtures and is a cost-effective protective screen for offices, schools, and cafeterias.

Sacramento-based plastic hygiene and safety products supplier Interstate Plastics announced the launch of portable interlocking office table sneeze guard dividers. The new portable divider walls are designed for tabletop or surface placement without the need for additional fixtures or fasteners.

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The Sacramento, CA protective sneeze guard suppliers launched the portable protective barrier screen to meet the growing demand for sneeze protection in environments where social distancing may not always be possible. The interlocking transparent sneeze guard screen is designed for use in schools, offices, cafeterias, restaurants, classrooms, and meeting rooms.

The transparent portable divider walls from Interstate Plastics are made from Acrylic, polycarbonate, or chemical-resistant Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG). The product is available as a kit featuring a main divider with slots for additional interlocking sneeze guards for easy assembly and sanitization.

The interlocking protective sneeze screen for offices is completely transparent and does not obscure vision. Interstate Plastics table screens are more impact-resistant than glass, manufactured in the US, and distributed through 10 nationwide distribution hubs.

Interstate Plastics modular cafeteria interlocking dividers are available in custom sizes and can be assembled in seconds. The clear sneeze guards are lightweight and easy to disinfect for repeated use. The company offers discounts on bulk orders of the portable sneeze protection screens for rectangular and circular tables.

According to a spokesperson for Interstate Plastics, “Our portable table divider screens are a cost-effective way to keep employees, customers, and students safe in office or cafeteria environments.”

Interstate Plastics is a leading nationwide distributor of high-quality specialty plastic, nylon, ABS, and PTFE products including rolls, films, sheets, rods, and accessories. The company specializes in CNC cut-to-order plastic sheets backed by a nationwide sales and support network. For more than 35 years, the company has manufactured products for the semiconductor, medical, aerospace, food processing, automotive, and service sectors.

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