School Bullying Prevention Education Curriculum – Mental Health Training Launch

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MHAGC has updated its teaching curriculum for mental health and anti-bullying and offers educators modules designed to empower students, reduce the stigma. Sessions are online - educators subscribe & use it to teach this out of the box mh education to their adolescent students.

The Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago (MHAGC) has launched its mental health curriculum for educators. Its programs decrease the stigma around mental illness and teach bullying prevention.

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The updated curriculum has been created through a collaborative effort between a school principal, a teacher, and a school psychologist, all of whom are doctors. MHAGC’s curriculum has been expertly designed with structured lessons for educators to teach their students within the classroom or on their own schedule.

The Association offers two curriculums. Its Learning2Live(tm) program offers education on suicide prevention, mood, anxiety, behavior, and personality disorders. It also provides educators with modules on communication, conflict resolution, group dynamics, grief, stress, and transition. There are also courses on eating disorders, self-injury, and substance abuse.

MHAGC also has a 2Tough2Bully teaching program. The course has been created to empower, motivate, and educate individuals to speak out against bullying. The program has been designed to help students build their toughness and autonomy to develop their independence and prevent them from allowing themselves to be bullied. The courses examine all types of bullying including cyberbullying and bias-based bullying.

The programs are available for purchase through a subscription that costs $599 per year. Included in the subscription package are structured lesson plans, thought-provoking videos, professionally-developed presentations, and classroom activities that allow students a hands-on approach to learning about mental health and bullying prevention.

MHAGC also offers certificates on teaching Learning2Live, which can be obtained through its webinar program. Its webinar ‘What a Teacher Can Do to Manage Mental Health Issues in the Classroom’ teaches the importance of early intervention and relationship building through a proactive approach. A central theme taught in the webinar is how to develop a course of action for students with needs.

They also have a webinar titled ‘Teaching with a Heart’, which provides insight on brain-based learning. The program has five different modules including sessions on integrating arts and technology, teacher leadership, and classroom management.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting or at (800) 209-8114.

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