SCCK Announces Survival Credit Card Knife Free Giveaway is giving away free credit card knives. Just visit the SCCK website and click on the giveaway link for a free survival credit card knife.

Survival Website Gives Away Credit Card Knife While Stocks Last

Beaverton, Oregon (February 5, 2015) – announces that it is giving away free credit card knives before offering the product to the public. By simply visiting SCCK’s website and clicking on the giveaway link, one will get a credit card knife for free. The giveaway offer will run until stocks last. 

Douglas Rossi, SCCK’s spokesperson, is happy to announce the giveaway offer and excited for the launching of the product. “We are so excited for this product to officially launch in the market. We are getting positive reviews from site visitors who have availed of our giveaway; we can’t wait to hear what buyers have to say,” he stated.

The spokesperson did not forget to mention the benefits and features of the security credit card knife. “It is very handy with a size and thickness of a credit card. It is versatile and sharp which can be used for camping and self-defense,” Rossi said about the product. 

Rossi believes that the SCCK (survival credit card knife) has a lot of winning features. “It is lightweight and ultra-thin. In fact, it is the thinnest survival knife available today,” he said. The knife maker’s spokesperson added, “While SCCK may be small, it is razor-sharp but can be carried safely like a credit card. It is legal too.” Rossi ended his interview by inviting everyone to visit their website is a website home to the product credit card knife. It contains information about the survival credit card knife, its features and benefits. For more information, please contact Douglas Rossi at or visit

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