Scales Of Justice Charm Bracelet For Attorneys & Legal Professionals Launched

A new charm bracelet has been launched by Supply Justice themed around the scales of justice. It has been launched in time for the holiday season and makes an ideal gift for female attorneys and legal professionals.

Supply Justice has launched a new bracelet with the scales of justice on charm, making for an ideal holiday gift. If customers work in the law profession, or have loved ones who are lawyers or legal experts, the bracelet from Supply Justice will be greatly appreciated.

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Supply Justice launched the new bracelet in time for the holiday season, and it provides two benefits to the customer. Firstly, they are able to get a unique charm bracelet that captures the essence of law and is perfect for attorneys.

Secondly, they get the benefit of knowing they have helped a good cause with their purchase. This is because Supply Justice has a unique philosophy that sets itself apart from all other stores online.

For each purchase, the team will donate 100% of the net profit to the approved criminal justice non-profit of the customers’ choice. Following on from this, they provide a tax deductible receipt after a 30 day refund period.

This means that customers can buy the newly launched charm bracelet for friends, family, loved ones and colleagues while giving back to the community.

Supply Justice makes the best effort to offer the best products on the market at competitive prices. The team delivers items in a timely, cost effective manner.

The scales of justice are an image of fairness in the judicial process. They are designed to show that each side of the case will be considered, and place emphasis on the weighing of evidence in a fair manner.

Supply Justice believes that the criminal justice community is in the best position to know the problems that exist and who offers optimal solutions. It’s for this reason that the company aims to fund and support criminal justice non profits with every sale.

The company states: “We survey the community, sell what they ask for and let the customer choose which approved criminal justice non-profit to direct 100% of the net profits toward. We provide a tax deductible receipt to the customer after the 30 day refund period.”

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