SBA Loan Alternative For Small Business – Low Credit Same-Day Financing Launched

Bank Breezy, a same-day funding service for small businesses with low credit scores has been launched. The new service is a suitable alternative to SBA loans and financing from traditional banks.

The launch of Bank Breezy is a pioneering effort offering business owners an alternative to SBA loans and other forms of traditional financing. Borrowers can now get immediate online approval and same-day funding for small and medium businesses that need a capital infusion to cover regular operational costs or small projects.

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With the new guaranteed funding system, the team at Bank Breezy continues its efforts to support small businesses and innovative startups. The new program offers loans ranging from $5,000 to $2 million to businesses in any industry without a hard credit check or collateral requirements.

Because SBA loans and traditional bank loans require excellent business credit and good personal credit, qualifying for them can be demanding. An alternative method to acquire business loans is independent private lenders, who offer relatively lenient requirements and better loan terms.

Bank Breezy requires small businesses to have a minimum of $5,000 of monthly revenue, a business checking account, and a credit score of 450 or higher to qualify for their loans. They also encourage businesses working in all types of industries to apply for the same-day loan if they have been operating for six months or more.

Businesses can apply for a loan by following a simple application process online. The process involves a borrower viewing and accepting loan offers, linking online banking, reviewing the terms and conditions, signing an online agreement, and receiving funding. Bank Breezy also ensures that clients receive fair and beneficial options with no collateral requirements.

About David Allen Capital

David Allen Capital (DAC) is a financial services provider for small businesses. The company represents alternative lenders, who provide simple and fast capital to small business owners.

A satisfied client for the business states: “Wade and his team were extremely helpful in securing the funding needed for my construction business. I’m very thankful to Wade for his time and efforts and for working hard to get me the best options. Should I need funding for my business again, I will definitely use Bank Breezy.”

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