Savannah GA Lisa Ortiz Real Estate Agent Social Media Presence Award Announced

Lisa Ortiz has been honored with her listing in the top fifty list of real estate agents recently announced in Savannah, Georgia and Effingham County. Clients may reach her at (912) 695-6932

Property Spark, a Georgia-based online real estate journal has announced the top 50 real estate agents in the Savannah area. The criteria were based on which agents had the strongest social media presence. Lisa Ortiz was awarded one of the top positions in the listing. As one of the top real estate agents in Savannah, she helps buyers and sellers in Savannah and throughout Effingham County.

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Property Spark’s announcement of the top 50 real estate agents provides buyers and sellers of properties in the Savannah area a list of agents to choose from when buying or selling a property. Lisa Ortiz’s placement on the list speaks to her knowledge of Savannah and Effingham County where she has been a long-time resident.

The award was predicated on agent’s ability to present themselves on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Interested parties can access Lisa’s various profiles from Property Spark’s website and do their due diligence on her listings, reviews, and other pertinent information.

Being named as one of the top real estate agents in the region highlights her dedication, professionalism, and knowledge of Savannah and Effingham County. Property Spark’s recognition of her achievements should help those interested in real estate in Savannah and surrounding areas feel confident in retaining her as their agent.

Property Spark survey of the real estate agents in Savannah involved several steps. They researched social media outlets with a lengthy checklist for each agent. Once a list of hundreds of agents was assembled they narrowed it down by several criteria.

Finally, they observed objective data across all the major media channels using subjective variables based on accomplishments, presentation, and overall appeal. A company spokesman shared, “We made sure that all the Georgia real estate agents who made it to the final list have great social media presence based on all the variables.”

Lisa hopes this announcement of her achievements helps clients have a sense of confidence as she helps them buy or sell a property in Savannah and Effingham County, Georgia.

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