Savannah GA Car Accident Lawyer Legal Rights Protection Guide Launched

The Brown Firm lawyers of Savannah GA have launched a blog on protecting one’s legal rights following a car accident. It highlights the steps a victim should take after an accident.

The Brown Firm has released a blog written by its Savannah car accident lawyers. The blog was compiled to help guide individuals on protecting their legal rights after accidents.

The newly released blog comes in step-by-step form. Each step shows what measures one should take following an accident in order to protect one’s legal rights.

The first step highlighted is that of getting out of more danger of another accident. If you are able to safely remove yourself and any passengers out of the vehicle do so. If the damage was not severe and you are able to move the vehicle from the middle of the road and onto the shoulder of the road that is the safest choice. Moving it will allow for the safe and smooth passage of oncoming vehicles and the prevention of further accidents.

The blog next advises that the police be informed of the accident. Once informed, the police would usually show up at the scene of the accident to take statements from those involved. The blog notes that these statements can prove essential in the event that the accident victim decides to take the matter to court.

On this note, the car accident attorneys caution that, while victims are prone to disorientation following an accident and may get critical details wrong, certain measures can be taken to prevent the said victim from being held responsible for the accident. The first thing, they advise, is for the victim to provide the officers with facts as they are recalled while avoiding saying anything incriminating. The next step would be to write down the names and badge numbers of the on-scene officers along with requesting a copy of the police report.

The blog continues that one must be sure to speak with witnesses and to take photos of the scene of the accident and the areas around it. Photos should also be taken of injuries that are visible.

“Your pictures might show signs of negligence, such as skid marks if the other driver had to slam on their brakes after speeding. You also need to take pictures of all internal and external damage to your vehicle and the other driver’s car. By having these photos, you can have an accident reconstructionist look at the details of the damage and help show negligence,” the lawyers explained.

Other steps addressed in the blog include getting medical help and seeking legal advice from a car accident attorney. Medical reports, the writers explained, will be essential in presenting a case for compensation should the victim decide to go that way. Meanwhile, an attorney will be able to protect the accident victim’s legal rights as well as advise on the steps to be taken in filing for a settlement.

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